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Did you know!? I’m secretly a gamer. Well, not-so-secret now that I’ve started live streaming on Twitch! I decided that I would do what I enjoy, gaming, but bring it online so I can hang out with people and build new friendships. You can find me as MissTwistedRose on Twitch!

Twitch Affiliate Unlocked

I have just reached the first level of accomplishment by becoming a Twitch Affiliate! This means I have some special perks that let me customize the experience by adding my own emotes, badges and more! Not only that, but it allows me to earn income as an artist and content creator through optional subscriptions and donations! Gifts are never required to enjoy the stream, really, the biggest gift is you hanging out with me!

Speaking of perks, check out my custom emotes of my favorite Pokemon, Espeon! These are emojis to use in my channel chat! 💖

Espeon Cry Emote
Espeon Love Emote

What games do I stream?  

The main game I’m streaming are Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Go. I am a shiny Pokemon collector! Shiny Pokemon (Shinies) are an alternate color and sparkle when they appear! There is a small chance of finding a shiny, somewhere between 1/100 to 1/4,000+, depending on how it’s found. I am just getting into competitive Pokemon ranked battles too! I also just joined my first tournament!

Currently, I’m anticipating the next of an expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra! This 2nd installment of the Expansion Pass will release on October 22, 2020. You can count on me playing the game live!

My Schedule

My channel is most often a chill late-night show. You can find my schedule on my Twitch schedule tab. Check it out! I may also hop on randomly, so be sure to follow me on Twitch to get notifications for when I’m on! 

My streaming schedule for the next couple weeks works around some Halloween gigs, but I anticipate having more weekend stream time coming up in the future. 

You can also find my stream updates on my Twitter!

I hope to see you on my stream! Come by and say hey!

Pokemon League Card

My Pokemon Shield League Card

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