Shiny New Logo and Rebranding

Dark beauty with twisted elegance meets sleek and sharp lines. The spiraling rose spins into flickering flower petals. The pop of electric red glows like neon LED lights. Announcing my new logo! 🌹🔥💖

Not only a new logo, but the website has been refreshed too to go along with it!

A little about me…

In case you don’t know me yet, allow me to introduce myself. I’m a hula hoop performer! I mix elegant dance with flexibility to create a unique acrobatic circus style of hooping. Not only that, but I perform with fire and LED hoops, and other props too. I have also spent a bit of time in front of the camera as a model, and behind the camera as well. I was a professional hair model in Hollywood for a number of years too!

rose logo doodles

Same Rose New Twist

After doodling roses for some years, it finally happened! The logo of my dreams.

The “Twisted” of Miss Twisted Rose pictured by the spiral in the rose. I wanted a circular rose icon, like a hoop, or a mandala.

Miss Twisted Rose Logo Dark and Light

I aimed to create a bold, classic, and futuristic look. Something strong over dark or light.

I wanted a mix of fonts; a techie straight-lined font and a classic looking Vogue type serif font. I wanted the font to be mysterious, as if the letter S is hissing like a whispering serpent… haunting even.

custom LED hoop pattern design

The red chosen is inspired by the brilliant colors of LED hoops! Pictured is a love and wine design I created 🍷💖🍷

Thank you for checking out my new logo design! Don’t forget to check out my modeling and hula hooping while you’re here. 🥰